My Boutonnière

My Boutonnière, is the creation of Antoinette Petruccelli, an Italo-Australian  who draws inspiration from her passion for textiles and luxury design. Her vision goes beyond just creating a boutonniere; instead, she aims to bring forth a concept that pays homage to its historical origins while also embodying elegance, refinement, and recognition.

With a keen understanding of the importance of sensitive issues, Antoinette also creates special limited edition collections, including raising awareness about violence against women. However, beyond this noble cause, she wants My Boutonnière to tap into the noblest and most sensitive aspects within each of us – those rare and precious qualities of perfection, beauty, purity, and uniqueness, much like the essence of a flower.

My Boutonnière is not merely an accessory, but a luxury jewel to be worn with pride. Whether chosen for oneself or as a gift for someone else, it symbolizes an exclusive and personalized experience. From everyday wear to unforgettable occasions in both private and professional settings, this flower transcends boundaries.

Created in Italy, My Boutonnière embodies the concept of exclusivity through its tailor-made, artisanal, and handcrafted nature. Each piece is original and unique, reflecting the artistry and individuality of its wearer, much like a captivating work of art.

The story, birth, and energy of My Boutonnière captivate and excite people from all walks of life, regardless of gender. Its ability to enhance every moment, making it truly special and making us feel extraordinary, is what makes it so appealing to many across the world.