Enhancing the finer aspects is what sets luxury hotels apart from their competitors. In the quest for differentiation, My Boutonnière offers tailor-made solutions for staff uniforms, reflecting the unparalleled class and elegance of your hotel. But that's not all! Guests often desire to bring a piece of their memorable stay back home, whether it's a keepsake or a thoughtful gift from the Hotel. Our customizable packaging options seamlessly align with your prestigious ambiance and can proudly display your logo. Let's discuss how we can create something truly exceptional for your hotel. Reach out to me anytime.


What could be more exquisite than a meticulously handcrafted flower designed exclusively for your event? Whether it's to be worn on the day or gifted as a token of a cherished occasion, its beauty will endure as a precious keepsake. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss creating a truly unique and custom-made MyB that captures the essence of your unforgettable event.


In today's competitive business landscape, it can be challenging for companies to stand out from the crowd. However, with MyB, you have the opportunity to customize your company's image and set yourselves apart in a memorable way. Whether you're a Law Firm, Real Estate Agency, or Investment Bankers, MyB offers personalized branding solutions tailor-made for your needs. By leveraging the power of MyB, you can create a distinct identity that will leave a lasting impression on people's minds. With MyB, your company can shine bright and be remembered by all. Let’s talk about it!


Looking for unique handsewn accessories for both men and women? Our extensive collection offers a wide range of beautiful options to enhance your clothing ranges and provide amazing gifting possibilities for various events throughout the year. From gala events to Valentine's Day, Father's Day, racing events, birthdays, and more, MyB, a luxury accessory in Limited Editions. Discover MyB to elevate any outfit and make a lasting impression.


You have an impeccable understanding of the art of tailoring, valuing the importance of every stitch that reflects your passion for exquisite fabrics and commitment to top-notch quality. MyB is here to enhance your sartorial expertise, as we too comprehend the essence of beauty. Let MyB become the perfect finishing touch, the cherry on top of your perfectly crafted suits. A detail never to be forgotten.

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